War Chief Conquered: An Indian Saga (Book #5 - Conquest Series)

Catalog #: 104-1903
Additional Codes: 9781949648645, EN3168

War Chief Glikkikan fights a war in his heart. He struggles to give up his life as an influential chief, prophet, and orator and find peace in his heart. How can he forgive those who murdered his people? Volume five of The Conquest Series.

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American History Through Indian Eyes
History is usually written by the victors, but this series of historical novels is an attempt to tell it as felt by some of the vanquished.
Volume 1 • Lenape Homeland
This story tells the early history of the Delaware Indians and the coming of the white man to the Delaware River Valley as witnessed by Lenape heroes.
Volume 2 • Homeland in My Heart
Recounts the life story of Lenape sage, Meas, as he staggers through the events that engulf him in his homeland in the Delaware River Valley.
Volume 3 • Tomahawks to Peace
Glikkikan, a renowned Delaware war chief and famous orator, brings to light the hidden causes of what is commonly known as Pontiac’s Rebellion.
Volume 4 • Under Attack
Details fierce White attacks against all Indians and the heroic attempts of Christian Indians to remain quiet and peaceable throughout.
Volume 5 • War Chief Conquered
An Indian saga recounting Isaac Glikkikan’s struggle to give up his former life as an influential chief, prophet, and orator and find peace in his heart.

Not yet published:
Volume 6 • Black Clouds Over the Ohioland
A story of duplicity and the betrayal of the Delaware nation and the Moravian missions during the Revolutionary War.
Volume 7 • The Final Conquest
Isaac Glikkikan remains stedfast in his faith amid conflict, deportation, and starvation, and at last finds a permanent homeland for his people.

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