Be Your Own Doctor #2


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Be Your Own Doctor II is an overflow of information that was not included in the first volume, Be Your Own Doctor. It is full of practical, common sense information written in a way that will help you remember what to do in illness or emergency. It should save your family many doctor visits when you put this information into practice. The book is not New Age in content. The author does not use questionable practices. She recommends common herbs and simple remedies like charcoal or turmeric to help your body do its job of healing. Be Your Own Doctor II covers health issues like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other more complicated diseases. It also gives you resources to find information on how to deal with cancer naturally. Like the other book it gives you lists of supplies needed and where to find suppliers.Be Your Own Doctor II is a continuation of the first book, Be Your Own Doctor, vol 1. After publishing the first book, many requests for information on conditions not covered in the book kept coming in. So to address some of these many questions, yet another book has been written. This book does not cover the same material as book 1.