The Christian Home


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This volume is valuable to those who desire truly Christian homes. It covers the duties of every member in the home—the Christian husband and father, wife and mother, child, young man, and young woman. Includes study questions. Many modern homes produce juvenile delinquents, teenage offenders, single parents, child abusers, wife beaters, and even murderers. About half of the marriages performed today end in broken homes and heartache. Home has become synonymous with despair for many people. God never intend for the home to be like this. He created the home to be a place of blessing, where people are happy and love each other, where children are taught to be an asset to the church and society. It is possible for you to have a home like this if you follow God’s plan. The author of this book had a deep burden for the well-being of the Christian home. The principles he lays out to help parents and children to be Christian in the home are just as valid today as they were when he wrote them. The Christian home is a miracle from heaven. But it is a miracle that you can experience.