Help from Heaven: True Stories of Rescues, Miracles, Book #3


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Help from Heaven: True Stories of Rescues, Miracles, and Answered Prayers from a First Responder Do You Believe in Miracles?

Experience the heart-pounding drama of real-life emergencies. Veteran EMT and physical therapist Andrea Jo Rodgers shares this all-new collection of accounts from her 30-plus years as a volunteer with her town’s local first aid and emergency squad.

Arrive on the scene with Andrea and encounter…

Lou, a dedicated war veteran who is granted a new tour of duty from God.
A fearful flock of ducklings that slip down a storm drain during a false alarm.
Everett, a resilient older man who goes for an unexpected ride on the hood of an intoxicated driver’s car.
Jenna, a young woman whose dangerous heart condition is both physical and emotional.
Frank, a husband whose nasty fall down a flight of stairs earns him instant angel status from his devoted wife, Doris.

As you discover these and many more unforgettable stories, you’ll be reminded that miracles do happen, whether it be through the heroic efforts of first responders, the Lord’s divine intervention, or, often, both.