Bosch Universal Plus Black Regular Bundle with Stainless Steel Bowl


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This mixer is identical to the standard Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, except that it has a stainless steel bowl and black and gray motor base, and it does not include the standard plastic bowl.

Includes: Bosch Mixer (Motor Base
For years Bosch has manufactured the most durable & powerful kitchen mixers available. Many know the Bosch Universal Mixer as the best mixer made.
Key Features:
Power: 500 Watts! You can tell this mixer mixes the heaviest doughs with ease.
Capacity: This 6qt bowl now has a domed lid which combined with the increased power can mix 8 loaves of bread.
Ease of Use: The new bowl has a few great new features. Bosch has added a easy to use handle
Stability: Bosch has added durable suction cup feet that hold the Bosch Mixer to any countertop surface. The bowl also locks on for stability when scooping things such as cookies out.
Speed Control: Another great feature is the addition of a 4th speed. The 1st speed now is half the speed of its predecessor. This makes incorporation light ingredients such as flour much easier. The 4th speed is also faster making various attachments such as the blender even more effective than before.