Butcher’s Knife 7″


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The right tools always make the job at hand more pleasurable, especially in the kitchen. And that’s why Victorinox puts their passion into creating household and professional knives that are ergonomically designed and exceptionally sharp. Whether you use it in your five star restaurant or in your home kitchen, you’ll feel like a pro with every slice, dice and chop.

The workhorse of the kitchen, the Fibrox 7″ Butcher Knife is uniquely suited to multiple tasks, large and small. Solid and strong, the butcher knife is at hand when trimming, portioning, slicing and more. Fibrox knives combine all the features that are important for professional use. The product line will also appeal to the growing number of amateur cooks who value high-quality equipment. Fibrox handles are made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). They feature excellent non-slip properties, can be used at temperatures of up to 80 – 110°C and can also be sterilised. These properties are ideal for ensuring safe use in a professional environment. Swiss Made.