Knife Paring 3 1/4″ Pink Handle


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Paring Spear Knife, 3-1/4
Every kitchen task, from the minute to the mammoth, has been considered in the conception of the Standard collection of knives by Victorinox. These are lightweight, dishwasher-safe pieces that are 100% Swiss made.

A paring knife is every chef’s go-to tool for precision jobs in the kitchen. Expertly remove pepper seeds, swiftly core an apple, slice a pile of vegetables into sticks or finely dice them into perfect little squares—whatever job you give it, the smooth, uniform cuts of this Paring Knife will result in dishes that are as beautiful as they are nutritious. The polypropylene handle exhibits good strength, rigidity and hardness. It is suitable for sterilization and can be used at temperatures of up to 80-100 °C.