Be Your Own Doctor


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This book is not about selling herbal products; it is instead, an encouragement to use the things you have on hand in your kitchen to help your family and a tool to help you make your own medicines. Its is also a recommendation to have the things on hand that you need, so that you seldom run into an emergency that you cannot handle. This will be better for your budget and your body.
If you read Be Your Own Doctor carefully, you will be inspired to realize that God created our bodies to heal when we give them the needed tools. You will be motivated to take back the responsibility of your own health and that of your family. You will find in doing this, the realization that our great grandmothers had much practical wisdom which was not passed on to us. You will, like me, be amazed that helping your family can often be so simple and inexpensive.

Be Your Own Doctor has grown out of thirty-two years of experience with our nine children and twelve grandchildren. It was greatly aided by the countless people who came to my door for help with many things, from small accidents to chest congestion and stomach problems or appendicitis. We always recommended the simplest remedies first and they worked so well that I was usually surprised. These peoples’ success stories motivated me to keep on learning. For at least 6 years, people have been begging me to write a book about these remedies so that they would have it on hand to reference it when needed. I also wanted this information to be available to my children and grandchildren, since I will not live here forever. It is too easy for important information to die with a person. Then, too, perhaps my phone will be less busy because this book will be here to refer to.