The Prosperity of the Wicked


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Why do the wicked prosper? That question has been asked by the redeemed in every age. It seems the more wicked people are, the more they prosper. The righteous suffer affliction while the enemies of God bask in the wealth this world offers. Why is this so? What is God doing through this? Psalm 73 answers these questions in a clear and convicting way. Psalm 73 is a description of one saint’s crisis of faith over the prosperity of the wicked. In this study of that Psalm, you will gain a most necessary perspective on the wicked that is sorely lacking in our day. It is a perspective that explains the apparent inequities of this life. In this book, you will journey with Asaph from his crisis of faith through the sanctuary of God and into a confident felicity.

Pub Date: March 18, 2017