The Blue Envelope

Every purchase made in-store during January 2023 will receive a blue envelope which can be redeemed during February 2023. 

Every Envelope is a winner! All prizes can be traded for a 10% off your entire purchase.

Must be redeemed and opened in-store in February 2023 at Living Waters checkout counter by a Living Waters clerk. Only valid in-store. Envelope must be unopened to qualify. 

3500 envelopes. 3500 prizes!

1x  Bosch Kitchen Machine

4x  Purchase Completely FREE!*

10x  50% off your purchase*

10x  $100 Gift Card

20x  Game Set – Woods & Water and Airport

30x  Savings Card 10% off every purchase in 2023

50x  $50 off your purchase*

265x  Save 20% off your purchase*

3100x  10% off your purchase*

*Purchase prizes: Qualifies only on products at the till when envelope is opened. $50 off your purchase cannot be redeemed for cash value, only qualifies up to $50 of product at the till upon opening. 

Cannot be used with any other coupon. Valid from February 1, 2023 – February 28, 2023.