A Legend of Compassion


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Welcome to a poetry collection like no other! If you find yourself skipping over topical poems, then pausing to immerse yourself in the drama of storytelling verses, this book is for you!

Discover a unique collection of 100 poems that weave enchanting narratives, making it an ideal source for personal entertainment, Biblical meditation, inspirational recitation, school memorization, and more.

Inside these pages, you will encounter beloved, timeless classics that convey a meaningful message within a skillfully crafted structure.

“The Owl Critic” portrays an egotistical young man who attempts to showcase his superior knowledge by pointing out the evident flaws in a supposedly “stuffed” owl.
What will happen to “The Deacon’s Masterpiece” if every part of the carriage is built with such equivalent quality that no part of it can wear out before any other part?
“The Skater and the Wolves” tells the gripping tale of a lone skater trapped on the ice by a pack of starving wolves. How will he escape?

Alongside these classics you will discover a treasure trove of new, previously unpublished, top-tier content.

The first poem, “A Legend of Compassion,” reveals the ancient story of a kind-hearted hunter who risks his life to help a lion in need. Years later, amidst false accusations, he is sentenced to death. In the final scene, he enters the arena in front of a bloodthirsty mob to face a ravenous beast. Will anyone intervene?
In “The Two Kings,” view the Christmas story through the eyes of King Herod. You will be delighted at the word pictures as Herod’s dynasty comes face to face with Heaven’s destiny.

Experience the sheer magic of storytelling as these poems unfold within a mesmerizing dance of rhyme and meter, captivating your senses and showcasing the true beauty of language art. Let’s cherish this timeless gift and honor the artistry required to compose verses with perfect rhythm!

The majority of the poems in this collection are written in classical or traditional meters and rhyme schemes, evoking a sense of nostalgia while celebrating the enduring power of poetic expression. Thousands of copies of this book have already been cherished by readers of all ages.