Nobody's Boy -Kidnapped in Mexico

Catalog #: 104-2009
Additional Codes: EN3166, 9781949648638

As a child, Obando observes his dark-haired brown-skinned schoolmates and compares their appearance to his own blond hair and blue eyes. His longing to know who he is sends him on a journey that you don’t want to miss. Paperback, 232p


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Where do I belong? As a child, Obando observes his dark-haired, brown-skinned schoolmates and compliers their appearance to his own blond hair and blue eyes. Which of the two dark-haired Mexican ladies in the house where he lives is his mother? Who is the father? When adverse circumstances leave Obando homeless, he has a strong desire to uncover the mystery surrounding his life. Unusual circumstances bring him face to face with his biological parents. This story brings out the cultural contrast between the native Mexicans and the Russian Mennonites living in Colonies. Although Obando struggles to find a place to belong, God in His mercy reveals Himself to a boy who was literally lost and helps him discover his true identity. He is no longer nobody’s boy.


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