Mennonites in Europe


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Textbook for Mennonites in Europe study course. This course may be used in Grade 9 and 10, describing the faith of the Anabaptist forefathers. It reveals the principles of truth and the character of our early church leaders. Illustrations, notes and references, bibliography, and an index are included. This is a good reference source for the student of church history. The Study Guide is a workbook that contains lesson outlines, study questions with blanks for answers, maps, and a map index. A feature in some lessons entitled Geography Locations lists significant places along with their map locations. The outlines and maps will help to organize the pupil’s studies and add meaning to the lessons. The teacher’s manual is a copy of the Study Guide and Test Booklet with the answers filled in. It also gives the page number and location on the page where the answers may be found in Mennonites in Europe. A separate test booklet with tear-out sheets contains true or false, multiple choice, and essay questions.